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Yesterday I moved my blog from to my own hosting provider giving me greater control over my blog. This was quite an easy process but thought I would document the steps I took here incase it helps anyone else.

Firstly I installed wordpress on my new host. I then used the Import and Export options in Tools to import all my posts, categories, images etc into my new blog. I then opened up the SQL Admin tool provided by my host and ran some update queries to update any links and image references to use my own domain instead of the domain.

At this point the blog was running but was using the default theme so I downloaded the theme I was using on and installed it.

Now everything looked okay apart from my source code samples. I tried quite a few plugins that provide source code markup but I really wanted to find the one used as I liked the format it used, and I didn’t want to have to replace all my source code tags to use those of another plugin. After a bit of hunting around I found SyntaxHighlighter Evolved, which looks to be an updated version of the plugin uses.  After installing it all my source code example worked without having to update the tags, whoop!

Something else I liked on was the stats plugin they have, which uses Open Flash Chart written by my brother-in-law.  Doing a quick Google search brought up the Stats plugin.  It requires a API key but as I’m moving from that’s not a problem.  When activating the plugin it asks for the API key which can be found on the account page of  It then asks you to confirm you want to link the new blog to the account.

Now my blog looks and works pretty much like my one, but they are two separate blogs which I don’t want.  What I really wanted to be able to do was forward all the posts on the old blog to the new blog as I didn’t want google search results going through the old one.  I found this post which has a handy tutorial on how this can be done.  It requires switching your name servers to the ones and adding your domain via the admin panel, costing you USD10.  Once that is done you can set your new domain to be the primary domain for the blog, then switch the name servers back and voila, the old blog redirects to the new one.

All in all this was quite painless, I’m now on the hunt for a decent theme!

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