Using FindControl for a control in the ItemTemplate of a ListView

Update: I’m not sure what was going on in my head the day I wrote this article, but as Lukas points out in a comment below you can simply use e.Item.FindControl(“cblRoles”) as apposed to the convoluted way I’m doing it :-)

I’ve been playing around with the ListView control recently and am quite impressed with it.  I like how it gives full control over the markup used as apposed to the other data driven controls.

I came across an issue where in my ItemTemplate I have a CheckBoxList which I needed to reference when I hit a button also in the ItemTemplate.

As the ItemTemplate repeats there will be many CheckBoxLists so how do I find the correct one?

The answer I found was in the ListView’s Items collection. On my button I set the CommandArgument to the DataItemIndex, then in my handler for the ListView’s ItemCommand event I used FindControl on the item matching the index.

Here is my item template:

<asp:Literal ID="lblForename" Text='<%# Eval("Forename") %>' runat="server" />
<asp:Literal ID="lblSurname" Text='<%# Eval("Surname") %>' runat="server" />
<asp:CheckBoxList   ID="cblRoles"
<asp:Button ID="btnSaveRoles"
Text="Save Roles"
CommandArgument='<%# Container.DataItemIndex %>'
runat="server" />

And here is my event handler:

protected void lvUser_ItemCommand(object sender, ListViewCommandEventArgs e)
if (e.CommandName.Equals("SaveRoles"))
CheckBoxList cblRoles = lvUser.Items[Convert.ToInt32(e.CommandArgument)].FindControl("cblRoles") as CheckBoxList;

//Other code
catch (Exception ex)
lblMessage.Text = ex.Message;

So I’m using the FindControl method on the ListViewDataItem in the position passed via the CommandArgument which gives me the correct control.

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  2. David

    I just came across this page today, and it was a life-saver! I was having issues finding controls in a ListView ItemTemplate, and this solved it!

  3. Joe

    Glad it helped mate


  4. Ngala Talla

    Thanks Joe . This piece was Just what I was looking for. I will really want to know why it works . Continue with the good work
    My regards

  5. Lukas

    You could also use e.Item.FindControl(“cblRoles”).

    This will find the control in the item that caused the ItemCommand event.

  6. Ryan

    I tried it and it worked great, however when I added a DataPager to the ListView, upon clicking an item on page 2 it threw an error. Any suggestions?

  7. Joe

    Lukas: Thanks for that, not sure how I missed that property

    Ryan: Just use e.Item.FindControl(“cblRoles”) as Lukas suggested and you won’t get the issue with the DataPager


  8. alchemystic

    Thank you, you save me a lot of time with your post.

  9. peyman

    Thanks a lot. This code saved my life::)))

  10. priya

    Thanks a lot…this code is very usefull for me.

  11. Alejandro

    Excelente aporte, muchas gracias!!

  12. Phil

    Great post searched for ages using recursive etc which didn’t do what I wanted.
    Whilst your initial solution didn’t do what I wanted your updated comment using other version was on the button. Many thanks

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    Thanks a lot, this post is very helpful for me to learn how to find a control from listview in ASP .Net
    Thanks Again……..

  14. Med

    Thks a lot
    Verry usefull script !

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