Dell Warranty Ripoff

About 15 months ago I bought a new Dell Studio 17; with the added options is cost me around $3,500. I thought I paid extra for an additional 12 month warranty on top of the standard 12 months but when I rang recently to get a faulty hard drive replaced it turned out my warranty had expired.

The guy on the phone went through to sales to get me a quote for a new 12 month warranty. He came back with a “discounted” price of $700, with some sales spiel about how with this warranty my “hard drive problem would definately be rectified”. When I told him that was ridiculous and that I could fix it myself he backtracked and said they could get the price down as that cost included all sorts of other crap I didn’t ask for… not so much Mr Dell.

I ended up buying a new 500GB 7,200rpm Seagate drive for around $100, swapping it over myself in about 5 minutes, then used Acronis Home to image my failing drive onto the new one to avoid having to reinstall everything (which I doubt Dell would have done).

It irritates me that Dell try this kind of BS as people who don’t know better would just pay. I guess the fact that I also bought a Dell Netbook just a couple of months ago doesn’t count for anything either.

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  1. Tom

    Buying 2 lap tops over a 15 month period probably meant you were just outside their top 10 biggest customers otherwise they would have fixed it for free for sure….

  2. Heyo

    That’s awesome! Way to go! I called Dell recently to “ask a simple question.” Guess what they told me? “You can either pay 600 give or take for a year warranty extension or more for 2 years. Once you do that we can help you, but we can’t do anything for you until that happens” (A sales associate working for a company most commonly known as, Dell).

    I didn’t get any freaking answer at all!!!!!! WOW! This company is a joke. I can figure the damn problem out myself! What’s funny is, I did a google search and the first thing I found helped me. HAHA!
    I’m a college student which is why I put the citation in the first paragraph. Got a little humor out of it. That quotation are the words exactly that came from that sales associate’s mouth.

    If anything ever fails on my laptop, my dad has a bachelors degree in computers so he can easily fix the problem for me without having to pay a ‘SH!T LOAD OF MONEY’

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