About me



I am from Cornwall, England but since 2009 have been living in Sydney, Australia.

I have a Business Information Technology (BSc) degree from Bournemouth University in the UK.

I began programming in 1997 and since 2002 I have been primarily working with the Microsoft .NET framework, specifically on based applications.

I have worked for public sector, software houses and design agencies in the UK, as well as leading consultancies and advertising agencies in Sydney.

I currently work for Community Engine, where my first 2 years were spent as platform lead on a large scale ASP.NET MVC application using MongoDB. As platform lead I was responsible for the overall architecture of the application, and the quality of the code created by the 20+ strong team. In May 2012 I became Technical Director of the client services division of the company pushing the technical direction, but still spending time in the code.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, photography, snorkeling around Manly and making Cornish Pasties!